Buy hCG Injections Online Guide – 2020



Buy hcg injections onlineOver the past few years, the hCG diet has gained swiftly in popularity for weight management. With the hCG diet, most people lose an average of .5 to 1 pound a day. Although a lot of people are interested in giving them a try, they often get confused about what to look for when deciding to buy the hCG diet. Before you buy hCG injections online, learn all about them. This informative article will help you determine which hCG diet for weight loss is best and most effective for you, and also help you to save your hard-earned money. Learn first; buy later!

When buying hCG injections online are best

The hCG diet is sold in various forms, including oral drops, pellets, and sprays. However, the most effective way for our bodies to take the recommended amount of hCG is through injections. HCG hormone, when administered subcutaneously will have an almost immediate effect and faster weight loss because it goes directly into your bloodstream. When you buy hCG injections, you know exactly what dose you are getting and none of it is getting lost! 


  • When you take the oral form of hCG, there is no way to be 100% sure that all of the hCG will be absorbed into the body each time it is taken. Part of it is lost by being broken down in the digestive tract.
  • Most hCG shots currently use small insulin syringes and are as close as painless as it gets.

Quality of hCG Injections for weight loss 

Do not be deceived when you buy hCG injections online for weight loss. Some providers would claim that their products help you shed those extra pounds but many are actually selling homeopathic hCG. You might not be aware, but there are two kinds of hCG that are sold in the market: Homeopathic hCG and Pharmaceutical hCG. Homeopathic hCG products contain little to no amount of any real hCG, and in order for this diet to work, one needs to use hCG hormone in its purest pharmaceutical form.

Tips:buy hCG injections online

  • You must have a prescription from a licensed doctor in order to purchase real hCG hormone.  To do so, your doctor must build a detailed medical history and order some blood work to ensure the highest level of safety. 
  • The homeopathic form of hCG is sold widely as an over-the-counter supplement without the need for prescriptions. When subjected to a lab test or used in a pregnancy test, it will yield a negative result. Hence, homeopathic products do not contain the active ingredient, in this case, hCG.
  • Real hCG can be found as injections, drops, and pellets as long as it is prescription grade hCG and from a licensed physician.
  • The hCG vial has your name, your physician’s name, and the actual U.S compounding pharmacy so you will know it’s legitimate.
  • To verify the quality of the hCG you receive, you can place a few drops of the mixed hCG on a home pregnancy test and you will get a positive result if it is legitimate hCG.

To buy hCG injections online, schedule a consultation, and find out what blood work we require, contact The HCG Institute today. There’s nothing more important than placing your trust exclusively in doctors and specialized health professionals. 

The potency of hCG for weight loss online 

HCG diet is a combination of a sustained very low-calorie diet which is coupled with hCG injections throughout the weight loss phase. Even though you are eating only 500 calories, with the right dose of hCG, there is no hunger. The hCG hormone will help your body burn 1000-4000 calories per day by targeting the abnormally and otherwise useless fat being stored around your abdomen, hips, and thighs. 

However, some dieters who buy hCG injections online struggle on this diet because they find themselves constantly hungry as some hCG programs prescribe a low-calorie diet with a smaller hCG dosage and/or non-daily injections. Unfortunately, this can sabotage your weight loss efforts. 

Tips for the best hCG when buying hcg injections online:

  • No hunger (or very little hunger) is super important in order to maintain enough willpower to stick to the diet, and this is completely dosage related. If you are looking to buy hCG injections to lose weight fast, always check the potency of the product.
  • Our potency is measured in USA 503B compounding pharmacies because they have strict rules to adhere to or risk violations and closure. When you buy from foreign countries, there is a risk of fraudulent or less potent product because we cannot be sure about their control standards. 

At The HCG Institute, our experienced physicians prescribe 250 IUs of hCG daily which is the optimal amount necessary for weight loss without hunger pangs. Plus, all of our products are made at 503B compounding pharmacies in the USA with official regulatory testing to ensure purity and potency. Buy hCG injections online and have a physician customize your hCG injection program to suit your needs and weight loss goals! 

Know your cost to buy hcg injections online 

buy hCG injections for weight loss onlineWhen buying hCG injections to lose weight fast, always bear in mind that these products are not very cheap. But remember that you are getting a prescription drug that cannot be purchased over the counter. You cannot buy it for $80 like the usual homeopathic hCG. 


  • Prescription hCG injections contain medical-grade hCG hormone so it’s no surprise as to why they’re more expensive. Plus, with more hCG content, the higher the product is priced. 
  • Consider the hassle when you visit a doctor’s clinic for consultation and the cost of paying a professional to inject the hCG shots daily for the whole program. These might cost you more than the price you get when you buy hCG injections online. 

At The HCG Institute, you will find that our products have extra features that save you money in other ways.  

  • Our product price includes not only your medications, but also your supplies like alcohol prep pads and syringes,  a full Diet Guide, and phone support!
  • Unlike other hCG diet centers that offer lower doses of hCG, our physicians will prescribe the optimal amount of hCG at 250 IUs daily to achieve your weight loss goals. 
  • You will not have to pay extra for the doctor’s consultation because it is already included in the cost of the program!
  • You’ll save gas money since you won’t have to report to a local office on a weekly basis for your injections and get weighed in. The product is delivered directly to you!

Patient Care Coordinator Support

buy hCG injections to lose weight fastBuying hCG injections online is not so easy given the fact there are many manufacturers and sellers online. But there are very limited resources online where you can buy hCG injections with real support all throughout your weight loss program.  


  • A true medical hCG diet provider will be more than happy to answer any questions before you buy hCG from them. 

The HCG Institute is a doctor’s office, based out of Philadelphia, serving patients nationwide via telemedicine. We have a team of patient care coordinators available by phone seven days a week between 9am and 8pm EST. The HCG Institute will provide help for hCG dieters to be able to make an educated decision when buying hCG injections, thus ensuring that you have all the information you need regarding if the product is ideal and safe for your weight loss goals.

When you buy hCG injections for weight loss online, the staff of The HCG Institute will not leave you hanging but will guide you all throughout your weight loss journey. They can also be contacted for answers or guidance while taking your daily injections. This is far more support and quality than many other local offices offer and at a great price delivered to your door. 


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