MIC Injections: Everything You Need to Know

MIC Injections



Do you suffer from diet fatigue and feel stressed most of the time? Are you still struggling with different weight loss methods and have never achieved the results you desire? The pressure to lose weight can really be exhausting and can cause anxiety. With MIC injections, renewing your energy can be possible so you can troubleshoot all your weight loss frustrations! 

Understanding MIC injections and their importance

MIC Injections are a powerful combination of enzymes and amino acids specially formulated to boost energy, support liver function, and for general health. It is popularly used by most dieters who want to speed up their metabolism and want to increase the rate at which they’re losing weight. 

  • M (Methionine) is an amino acid found in many proteins, including those found in foods, tissues, and organs of your body. It plays an important role in starting the process of making new proteins inside your cells as older protein breaks down.¹
  • I (Inositol) is a carbohydrate found in your body, foods, and dietary supplements. It plays a crucial role in reducing anxiety by affecting serotonin and can improve the body’s sensitivity to insulin to reduce or prevent insulin resistance. 
  • C (Choline) is an essential nutrient that affects a number of vital bodily functions including liver function, healthy brain development, muscle movement, and metabolism.

How Do MIC shots promote weight loss?

The liver plays a vital role in all metabolic processes in the body. In fat metabolism, the liver produces bile which breaks down fat while also working like a filter to eliminate toxins out of our blood helping us feeling energized.²  So when you are feeling heavy, bloated, sluggish, and still gaining weight despite exercising and dieting then your liver is overburdened. When you begin using MIC injections, they can optimize your liver’s health and enhance its ability to perform its functions efficiently to support weight loss.  

1. Methionine

  • one of the ten essential amino acids that helps the liver breakdown fats, lowers cholesterol, relieves fatigue and helps allergies by lowering histamine release. It also contributes to methyl donation to histones that activate certain genetic processes that may be involved in the increase in lean tissue.

2. Inositol 

  • helps the breakdown of fats, lowers cholesterol, and helps control mood and appetite. It also helps in the redistribution of fat in the body so that it can be used where it is actually needed – not around the belly or in the thighs. Inositol may be effective in reducing insulin resistance, a common condition associated with increased adiposity³

3. Choline

  • an essential nutrient that helps the liver breakdown fats and excrete toxins. It is a cofactor that works harmoniously with Methionine because it also is responsible for metabolizing lipids. Choline is also essential for making a substance necessary to remove cholesterol from your liver. Deficiency in choline may result in fat and cholesterol buildup in your liver.  

According to a research study, diets that are deficient in choline and methionine can lead to fatty liver disease and hepatocellular carcinoma. MIC Injection for Weight Loss 

MIC lipotropic injections also contain Vitamin B12 which can get even better weight loss results because it is thought to intensify each others’ effect to stimulate your metabolism and boost your energy. Vitamin B12 is vital in the formation of red blood cells which transport oxygen throughout your body to prevent fatigue and weakness.

These combined compounds allow you to have the stamina to endure exercise at the same time as living a busy life while enabling you to drop the pounds.

How much weight can you lose with MIC Injections?

Because body types vary, you should expect a gradual weight loss of about 1-2lbs per week. Please note that these injections are not a miracle or quick fix. They are only going to work as a boost or supplement to your diet and exercise regimen that hasn’t been doing it alone. Once you follow the protocol, you are going to see the results you want to see over time. 

Can you add MIC shots to your hCG program?

MIC injections also work well when used along with the hCG diet to lose more pounds quickly. Because of all the nutrients in the MIC injections, you will see an increase in the level of your energy and improvement in your mood and concentration, thus burning fat quicker.  

Buy MIC InjectionsWho can benefit from MIC injections?

These injections have proven helpful for those that have hit a plateau in their weight loss journey as well as those just starting out. These can also help those who are experiencing diet fatigue and stress, and those who want to bolster their body’s nutrients for general health. 

How often do you inject MIC Injections?

The frequency of administering MIC Injections may vary according to your physician-supervised weight loss plan. Once administered, it will boost your amino acid levels but return to normal level within about a week. Typically, it is given two times per week to replenish the nutrients for best results.

Where are MIC shots administered?

MIC shots can be administered subcutaneously in the thigh, hips, upper arms and buttocks. You can alternate the injection sites to minimize pain, inflammation, and prevent scarring. Usually, a small insulin syringe is used to inject the medication, so you will experience little to no pain. 

Are MIC injections safe?

The simple answer is yes. When used appropriately and under the care of a medical professional, MIC injections for weight loss are both safe and effective. Although some people may experience adverse effects like upset stomach, mild diarrhea, or nausea, these cases are rare. 

Buy MIC injections online

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