Glutathione Suppositories - Skin Lightening Whitening 1500mg

glutathione suppositories glutathione suppositories

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(30) 1000 MG Glutathione - General Health Concerns

(30) 1000 MG Glutathione & 500 MG Vitamin C - Skin Lightening

4 to 6 months of constant use is recommended for optimal skin lightening results.

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Glutathione Suppositories For Skin Lightening Whitening + Vitamin C

Our Glutathione Suppositories are designed for maximum ingredient absorption providing wellness and skin whitening for an even complexion.

A Glutathione Suppository removes toxins from the body and abnormal cells that may cause medical conditions and cancer. In addition, it helps prevent skin damage, premature aging and has been shown to improve brain function. All of our medications including a Glutathione Suppository for Skin Whitening are manufactured in a 503B FDA Registered USA pharmacy with official regulatory testing to ensure purity and consistency. 

Skin Whitening Ingredients: Vitamin C (as Ascorbic Acid) 500 mg, Glutathione 1000 mg each 

Skin Whitening Directions: Insert one (1) nightly inside rectum 


Glutathione Suppository

Overall Health and Wellness ingredients: 1000mg each

Overall Health and Wellness Directions: As directed by the physician during consultation.


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