Prescription HCG Injections

Prescription HCG Injections hcg injections

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You must be an established patient to access this product. To become one please fill out the Medical Intake Form for a wellness consultation which is included int the cost of the medication.

Established patients with an uploaded Rx on file my refill their order. 

Prescription HCG Injections are compounded in the U.S.A. and can only be administered via medical supervision.

The 20 day cycle has 5K IU's and the 40 day cycle has 10K IU's

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HCG Injections

To become a patient please fill out the Medical Intake Form for a wellness consultation which is included in the cost of your medication. Established patients may refill their order.

HCG Injections from The HCG Institute are compounded in the U.S.A at partner 503B compounding pharmacies and can only be administered via medical supervision and a prescription.

Easy and effective, mix the powder and water solution in the bottle and draw the solution via the guidelines provided. Our licensed physicians will adapt a dosage plan that fits your weight loss goals. Inject the prescribed amount of solution into your upper thigh or hip to achieve weight loss results.

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